Cleaning FAQs

  • Cleaning FAQs

    Here are some of the many frequently asked questions we often get asked about our carpet and upholstery cleaning service:

    What areas do you cover - how far do you travel?

    ProSteamUK provide a high quality carpet and upholstery cleaning service covering up to a 20 mile radius of Aldershot and the surrounding area including the Hampshire, Surrey and Berkshire borders.

    Our technicians use the best equipment and chemicals, using hot water extraction otherwise known as ‘Steam Cleaning’ and dry cleaning to thoroughly clean the dirtiest carpets, rugs and upholstery leaving them clean and odour free.

    What should I do if I spill liquids on my carpet or upholstery?
    • First thing is not to panic! Locate a white clean towel and gently blot the area – DO NOT RUB – regularly turning the towel until the liquid has transferred from the carpet to the towel.

      A spotting solution may be required to ensure removal of colourings. Again, use the above technique and blot – do no rub!

    What about drying times?

    Using professional cleaning techniques, we can achieve excellent results without over wetting the carpets. We open all windows front and back to allow air to circulate in the rooms and the level of soil in the carpet will determine on the amount of water used to rinse. We can use high power air movers which can cut drying times down dramatically. On average carpets take around 2 hours to dry (upholstery can take longer).

    How often should I have my carpets cleaned?

    We recommend a deep clean every 12 months for the average family home. For commercial carpets, we recommend every 4-6 months where there are heavy traffic areas and soilage.

    My kids are allergic to cleaning detergents?

    We use sensitive cleaning methods – we can clean with 100% natural, plant derived cleaning agents if required.

    Can you work out of hours if I have an emergency?

    Yes, however a minimum call out fee is charged. Call 01252 319391 or 07765 606040 for more details.

    What are your rates - how much does it cost?

    Prices will vary depending on the job in hand as each job is unique and different from the next. Call today for an estimate or to arrange a visit.

    What are your payment terms?

    Once the job has been completed we expect to be paid immediately unless special arrangements have been made. We accept cash, debit and credit cards and online bank transfer payments via Paypal, Pay-a-Trader and iZettle.

    Are you fully insured?

    Yes, we have full public liability and accidental damage insurance.

    Is your work guaranteed?

    Yes, however, we never make false claims to remove all stains, as in some cases carpets and upholstery can be stained for life depending on the source. We do guarantee however to significantly improve the appearance of you carpet or sofa which is realistic.

    Do you carry out leather repairs?

    Yes, we can carry out repairs on your leather upholstery in the home, workplace or car, subject to prior inspection on what may be realistically achievable.

    I have a very expensive Aniline leather sofa, can this be cleaned?

    Yes, however this may require specialist leather cleaning because of the dyes in the leather.

    Do you clean faux suede?

    Yes, this is fairly straight forward.

    Is it worth protecting fabric after cleaning?

    This depends on the fabric; we recommend protecting fabrics which are a blend of natural fibres such as cotton, linen and viscous. Fully synthetic fabrics are more stain resistant but can still benefit from an application of protector.

    I was told that carpets get dirtier quicker after they have been cleaned?

    In some cases this is true and this is because the carpet has been cleaned using detergents which have not been correctly rinsed extracted from the fibres. The detergents act as magnets to soil and this is why we thoroughly rinse the carpet with a rinsing chemical which also stabilises the pH level leaving the fibres soft.

    My dog has urinated on my carpet, what do I do?

    Urine requires extraction so, unless you have a wet/dry vacuum which is also able to flush the carpet, you will need to call ProSteamUK, as the urine will also need to be neutralised using a specific treatment.

    Is there anything I need to prepare before you arrive?

    We ask for any breakables to be removed from the rooms we will be working in. Also, please make sure you have plenty of hot running water for our machines. Movable objects like plant pots, tables and ornaments would need to also be removed. A room full of clutter will slow our technicians down, the clearer the room the faster we work!

    If heavy objects like beds and sofas need moving please let us know before we arrive, in most cases we don’t charge extra to move furniture. Don’t worry about vacuuming – that’s all part of the service we provide!

    Our 5 year old DFS sofa was scotchgard protected from new, does that mean it’s stain resistant?

    No, any fabric protector will have limited protection against spillages, anywhere between 6 to 12 months depending on the amount of use.

    I just got quoted a price and it was quite a lot cheaper that yours?

    You have to ask yourself why? If something sounds too good to be true then there has to be a catch? It comes down to the old saying… you get what you pay for.

    We base our prices on our quality, skilled workmanship and this is achieved by using the best training, chemicals and equipment available. We don’t cut corners or compromise when it comes to providing our customers with good service! We encourage the public to get several quotes and then decide what’s right for them.

    Lots of fly-by night carpet cleaners are available to clean your carpets and upholstery taking half the time to do the job and charging half the money, but most of these firms leave a trail of destruction and misery behind them!

    Our specialist carpet cleaning insurance policy covers public liability and accidental damage to your property.

    My sofa's been accidentally contaminated with urine, can you help?

    This depends on whether or not the base cushions are removable, in most cases the filling of the cushion will need replacing.

    I got quoted a price of £50 to have my 3 piece suite cleaned, will you price match?

    No, because the average time it would take us to clean such a 3 piece suite correctly would be 4-5 hours!

    I bought a leather cleaner from the pound shop - I may as well have a go myself to save money..?

    Cheap, ‘off the shelf’ leather cleaners can actually harm leather. It is important that correct methods, equipment and cleaning agents are used to avoid the risk of damage and ensure a clean to an acceptable standard.

    Your home insurance will probably not cover damage cause by DIY cleaning; as it would be no accident that the product was applied to the leather!

    My child has been sick all over the car seats, carpets and upholstery?

    Apart from the awful smell, you’ll need to treat it quick to stop germs and bacteria taking hold. We offer a thorough deep clean and odour elimination. Call ProSteamUK now!

    The hire machine in my local supermarket is only £30 - why would I pay more to have you clean my carpets?

    I think the question you really need to ask yourself is, if the hire machine was any good, why do professionals spend tens of thousands of pounds on their equipment? We offer a multi-stage cleaning process – vacuuming, spot cleans, pre-spray with brush agitation, hot water extraction, grooming and finally drying.

    Carpets are dry within a matter of hours compared to having to wait days because the hire machine actually over wets the carpet and is unable to recover the excess water.

    I only want my hallway carpet cleaned, I got a quote for £20. Will you match that?

    Sorry, but no. We have a minimum callout fee of £70, plus the cleaning cost.

    If we wanted out carpets cleaned on a regular basis, do you offer discounts?

    Yes, for example, if you had several rental properties and you needed the carpets cleaned fairly regularly we can work out a very reasonable price. Restaurants, Clubs and public houses can also benefit from our regular maintenance services.

    Do you offer discounts for single mothers and the unemployed?

    Sorry, no. Our rates are the same for all as we use the best quality cleaning products and equipment to achieve our high standards.

    Moths have eaten my carpets - what can I do?

    You may not be able to repair the carpet but we can treat the infestation and prevent existing carpets from further damage.

    My office has carpet tiles, can these be steam cleaned?

    We only suggest using hot water extraction (steam cleaning) in extreme cases, if the carpet is heavily laden with dirt or if there has been a spillage. Carpet tiles take a long time to dry so we always clean them using encapsulation (low moisture carpet cleaning).

    We have a flu virus spreading through the office building, can carpet cleaning help to control the spread?

    Yes, regular maintenance cleaning which includes an application of a treatment to kill viruses can control the spread of infection.

    I have an allergy to dust and pollen, can carpet cleaning in my office help?

    Yes, daily vacuuming using the correct vacuum cleaners and low moisture maintenance carpet cleaning will definitely improve the air quality within the building and reduce the amount of airborne particles which can cause sneezing and coughing.

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