Car Upholstery Cleaning

Remember the last time you got your upholstery cleaned in the car?

You drove home with a wet backside and the fabric literately took days to dry out! When the fabric eventually dried, those stains reappeared and you were back at square one.

You won’t be making the same mistake again, because this time you will call ProSteamUK to clean the upholstery in your car. With over 20 years experience in the automotive cleaning trade, we have perfected our cleaning method to ensure that the fabric is properly clean without over wetting!

Our method allows us to flush dirt and oils from the fabric with just hot water, leaving the fabric soft and residue free.

Vehicle interior deep clean to remove cigarette odour

Car upholstery cleaning service

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Automotive interior cleaning & odour removal

ProSteamUK are one of the only specialists in automotive interior deep cleaning in the Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire area.

By using the best tools and cleaning materials available we can clean and sanitise everything from the roof lining down to the carpets.

ProSteamUK vehicle upholstery deep cleaning. More than your regular valet.
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Looking for more than a valet?

A standard valet service is usually considered perfectly good enough for most people, a superficial clean will look ok…

But, it will fail to fully remove stubborn dirt, nicotine, stains and kill bacteria from the car interior and upholstery which could be contributing to unpleasant, unwanted odours.

Is this a safe environment for you and your family?

Urine removal from rear seating

When we clean the interior of a car we clean everything… from top to bottom:

    • Headlining fabric
    • Pillars and seat belts
    • Entire boot area
    • All seats and headrests
    • Centre console, dashboard and air vents
    • Door panels and window
    • Carpets and floor mats

Cleaning to suit  your vehicle

We offer a range of cleaning services to suite most situations, for example your vehicle may only require the front seats  or possible just the headlining  cleaned.

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