Car Upholstery De-odourising Service

Milk removal and odour elimination from car interior.

Car upholstery de-odourising service

Automotive odour removal – Car upholstery odour removal

ProSteamUK has the right equipment for effective odour removal from cars and other vehicles caused by common problems like spilt milk and coffee, nicotine, vomit and more.

Deep cleaning and sanitising all carpets, fabric upholstery and hard surfaces kill the bacteria which contribute to offensive odours.

If required we can strip out areas of the interior such as seats and trim to gain access beneath the carpet to the source of the problem. This type of work will not be carried out by a regular car valeter.

Our vehicle interior odour removal service features:

  • Complete removal of persistent odours – milk, coffee, food, nicotine, smoke, vomit, urine, faeces, petrol and diesel.
  • Deep cleaning and sanitising.
  • Specialist Ozone treatment available.
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Nicotine removal from car interior.

Ever wondered how a professional clean spillages like milk or vomit from a car interior and upholstery?

Here are two videos showing exactly what is involved in removing bad odours from car interiors.

  • Removing vomit and cleaning an Audi TT.
  • Milk spillage removal from a car boot in Bracknell.

Odour elimination using Ozone air purification

Once your car has been deep cleaned we can take cleaning to a whole new level by actually purifying the air within the vehicle.

If the vehicle has suffered from nicotine and smoke or an odour from a spillage, ozone treatment can help to eliminate bacteria which may still be present… even in the car’s air conditioning system and vents.

ProSteamUK offer one of the best car upholstery de-odourising services in Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire borders – we don’t mask odours using perfumed based products… we eliminate them!

This additional service will only work once the car’s interior and upholstery has been deep cleaned. In some cases ozone treatment can take up to 8 hours depending on the level of odour present.


What is Ozone?

Ozone – 03 – is commonly referred to as an oxidant; it contains 3 atoms (03) compared to the 2 atoms we breath – CO2. The O3 is a highly reactive molecule and quickly reacts with particles it comes into contact with in the air and on surfaces.

The extra 3rd atom in the ozone attaches itself to the particles, chemically changing their structure to create non-offensive molecules to eliminate the odour.

Please contact us or call 01252 319391 or 07765 606040 for advice and a FREE estimate and more information on how we can clean & restore your car’s interior upholstery.

View some example of things we encounter when cleaning and removing bad odours from car interiors:

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