Carpet Pest Prevention Treatment

Ruined carpets? Treating carpet moths with Chemspec.

Chemtreat Moth and Beetle Proofing

Purchasing a new wool-rich carpet?

Carpet moths and beetles can literately eat away at a carpet and once they start, your carpet will be ruined. Most home insurance companies will not cover this, so the cost of a new carpet would be out of your pocket.

Insecticide treatments will only stop further moth larvae from attacking the carpet, so what we need to do is prevent this from happening.

Chemspec PLUS is a time tested compound designed to inhibit and retard wool disintegration from organic and insect sources. Once your new carpet has been laid, we simply spray this product onto the carpet.

Remember… prevention is better than forking out for a new carpet! Carpet pest prevention and control makes sense.

  • Chemspec insecticide is effective against the following pests:

    • Carpet Moth
    • Carpet Beetle


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  • ProSteamUK are Chemspec certified Textile Insect Pests Technicians:

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Affiliation & Certification

  • Woolsafe Approved Specialist

  • ProSteamUk - National Carpet Cleaners Association

  • ProSteamUk has Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification

  • ProSteamUk and TACCA - The Approved Carpet Cleaners Association

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  • ProSteamUK use Prochem cleaning products

  • ProSteamUK use trusted Chemspec products

  • ProSteamUK offer PROmite dust mite treatments