Commercial Dry Carpet Cleaning – Very low moisture (VLM)

A short video demonstration of the VLM cleaning method

Very Low Moisture (VLM) – Commercial Dry Carpet Cleaning

Very low moisture carpet cleaning for commercial premises

Our dry carpet cleaning system cleans and de-odourises to give an outstanding clean for commercial carpets and areas with time restrictive cleaning requirements.

The system is low noise, high speed offering amazing cleaning results; no residues, no soaking wet carpets for days and no hassle for you, your family or your business colleagues and staff.

VLM carpet and rug cleaning involves using ‘dry granules’ which are actually damp to touch as they contain special detergent free cleaning additives and natural solvents. The granules are spread over the carpet and a machine is used to massage the granules deep into the carpet, the soils and stains are quickly absorbed and, once dry, the granules are vacuumed up.

Very Low Moisture carpet cleaning is perfect for the interim cleaning of commercial low profile carpet and not suitable for heavy soil removal. We recommend only using this system if the carpet is light to moderately soiled.

Dry carpet cleaning system key benefits:

  • It’s super-efficient and cost effective.
  • Cleans, dries and de-odourises.
  • Fast, quiet and non-disruptive.
  • Virtually zero down time, our service can be carried out day or night.
  • Regular use will SAVE you money!

How could our dry carpet cleaning service benefit you?

Our very low moisture carpet cleaning service is suitable for many commercial premises and is available in Guildford and all the surrounding areas of Surrey, Hampshire, Sussex and Berkshire. We can clean:

  • Doctor’s surgery – Carpet tiles: Anti-bacterial treatments with specially designed chemicals which contain powerful anti-microbials which tackle bacteria found in bodily fluids and food and drink spillages.
  • Offices – Carpet tiles – our system has been developed for use in office carpet cleaning.
  • Hotels – Commercial wool-mix carpet cleaning – we have solutions to clean many floor types
  • Commercial, Retail & Public spaces – Leisure centres, libraries, schools, nurseries, pubs, clubs and sports centres.
  • Anywhere that needs rapid drying, rapid speed, high performance carpet cleaning.

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Affiliation & Certification

  • Woolsafe Approved Specialist

  • ProSteamUk - National Carpet Cleaners Association

  • ProSteamUk has Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification

  • ProSteamUk and TACCA - The Approved Carpet Cleaners Association

  • Ashbys Cleaning Equipment

  • ProSteamUK use Prochem cleaning products

  • ProSteamUK use trusted Chemspec products

  • ProSteamUK offer PROmite dust mite treatments