Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning – Low moisture

Commercial carpets deep cleaned and dry within 1 hour!*

Office carpet cleaning – Guildford – Tea stains removed.

Low moisture encapsulation carpet cleaning

Quick & cost effective deep cleaning with rapid drying times!

Commercial carpet cleaning can require a slightly different approach sometimes. For example; the carpets in a busy office simply cannot be cleaned the same way we clean domestic carpets. The job would take way too long to complete, with extended drying times causing disruption to staff…a major inconvenience!

We have developed a system which can clean large areas of commercial carpet and carpet tiles; this method is called encapsulation. Low moisture encapsulation carpet cleaning offers results similar to our multi-stage, hot water extraction service (steam cleaning), but at a fraction of the time and cost!

Carpets are usually dry in and around 1 hour after cleaning – no downtime!

*Lightly soiled maintenance cleaning

Church carpet – Restoration

Low moisture encapsulation carpet cleaning is best suited to:


    • Offices
    • Shops and retail premises
    • Showrooms & exhibition spaces
    • Sports facilities
    • Communal corridors in flats
    • Pub & Clubs (maintenance cleaning)



    • Hotels and B&Bs
    • Golf Clubs
    • Schools & Colleges
    • Health Centres
    • Government buildings
    • Restaurants (maintenance cleaning)


    1. Before
    2. After
    Encapsulation cleaning – before & after.
  • Car showroom – Carpet restoration

How low moisture encapsulation carpet cleaning works:

The development of advanced polymer technology allows us to clean commercial low profile and carpet tiles with minimal water.

The encapsulation chemical contains ingredients which cleverly remove tea and coffee stains whilst deodorising the carpet, and finally the polymer resins work as a stain and soil retardant to help improve the carpets appearance against future soiling and spillages.

Office carpet – Restoration demo.
Hotel reception area – encapsulation carpet cleaning.

Commercial carpet cleaning in the Guildford area and surrounding towns :

  • Farnborough
  • Aldershot
  • Farnham
  • Fleet
  • Camberley
  • Frimley
  • Bracknell

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