Chemspec Insecticide

Chemspec insecticide treatment for larvae, fleas and carpet moths and beetles.

Authorised Chemspec PLUS Insecticide agent

When your home is visited by unwanted pests such as fleas and carpet moths, a regular carpet clean is not going to solve the problem.

However, once we have deep cleaned your carpets an application of a specially formulated insecticide will eliminate the following pests:

  • Chemspec insecticide is effective against the following pests:

    • Carpet Moth
    • Carpet Beetle
    • Pet Fleas
    • Flies & larvae / maggots


  • ProSteamUK are Chemspec certified Textile Insect Pests Technicians:

Most landlords and property agents will insist on this additional service especially if a cat or a dog has lived in the property, the insecticide is very effective in the elimination of pet fleas.

If your property has wool or wool mix carpets you may have seen areas of the carpet looking bare and patchy, this could be the caused by carpet moth.

Chemspec insecticide will kill the carpet moth larvae and put an immediate stop to further damage to your carpets.

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Affiliation & Certification

  • Woolsafe Approved Specialist

  • ProSteamUk - National Carpet Cleaners Association

  • ProSteamUk has Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification

  • ProSteamUk and TACCA - The Approved Carpet Cleaners Association

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  • ProSteamUK use trusted Chemspec products

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