Infection Control

Infection control – the best way to safeguard from bugs and viruses.

Infection control

ProSteamUK‘s infection control is a most effective way of safely eliminating germs and bugs in carpets and soft furnishings, using an NHS approved anti-microbial, that kills viruses on contact and continues to kill and guard against further contamination.

Most household bleaches claim to kill 99.9% of germs – this is what’s known as a ‘log3 kill rate’ – and the product we use has a 99.9999% log6 kill rate!

Every year tens of thousands of people in the UK are effected by an outbreak of flu and the winter vomiting ‘Norovirus’ bug. Infection is spread usually by sneezing or passed on by contact.

Did you know that viruses and bugs can actually live on for up to 4 weeks in your carpet and upholstery?

  • Your carpets, sofas and curtains collect dust and other airborne pollutants and trap them very much like a giant filter. When disturbed by normal everyday use, these pollutants are re-released back into the air carrying with them any viruses which may be present.

    When people share a space infection can quickly spread – whether it’s at home or in the workplace – when your pets and children share the same carpet and, in some cases, the same furniture.

    If your workplace has an outbreak of flu or a bug, this can lead to many people absent for many days and sometimes weeks.

  • H1N1-influenza-virus

    ProSteamUK Infection Control – helping kill 99.9999% of germs and bugs like the Norovirus and Flu virus. We use the best – Chemspec.

    Chemspec Cleaning Products for carpets and upholstery

This treatment is perfect for both the domestic and commercial customer; we can apply the NHS approved biocide to low profile commercial carpets as well as fully synthetic and wool rich domestic carpets.

  • Effective on public transport, doctors waiting rooms, in the workplace and home.
  • Eliminate viruses and bugs to protect the work environment.
  • Safe to use around humans and animals.
  • NHS approved / CQC Standard
  • Conforms to the EN Biocidal Product Directive 98/8/EC and exceeds B.P.R 2012 (Biocidal Product Regulations).

At the first sign of an outbreak we can treat the carpets and soft furnishings with a totally unique product which not only kills viruses on contact, its residual protective properties allow it to continue killing for many weeks, even months after.

  • Whilst extremely effective on a nanoscopic level – our product will not harm humans or pets – it can be sprayed on fabrics and carpets and even released into a building or vehicle using a special fogging machine. The product applied through a fogger allows it to penetrate into ceiling tiles, walls and ventilation systems where bacteria breeds and viruses are recirculated.

  • ProSteamUK specialist cleaning - Infection control

    Infection Control – suitable for GP / Doctors Surgery waiting rooms, any public space, workspace or in the home.

ProSteamUK offer premium quality, experienced, professional specialist cleaning and infection control in Guildford and the surrounding area and across the Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire and Sussex area/borders.

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Affiliation & Certification

  • Woolsafe Approved Specialist

  • ProSteamUk - National Carpet Cleaners Association

  • ProSteamUk has Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification

  • ProSteamUk and TACCA - The Approved Carpet Cleaners Association

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  • ProSteamUK use Prochem cleaning products

  • ProSteamUK use trusted Chemspec products

  • ProSteamUK offer PROmite dust mite treatments