Specialist car cleaning

Specialist car cleaning when car valeting isn’t enough

Can car valeting remove odours?

The most common question we get asked is whether or not a lingering odour can be removed by car cleaning centres?

Most of these customers will try the cheapest solution and use deodorisers to mask the offending odour, this will work as a temporary fix but its not getting the the source of the problem.

When the odour returns the next step would be to visit the local hand car wash who advertise “valeting”

car wash valeting


The hand car wash people will advertise “full valets” as part of their cleaning service, however their idea of a full valet is completely different from that of a proper full valet you would find in a car dealers garage.

The car wash will simply make the car look pretty, vacuum, wash and wax, make the interior plastics shine etc… if you are lucky they might even shampoo the upholstery.

The customer pays around £60 for this service and for a week or so the car looks great and the odour is not as noticeable, as soon as the perfumed products used to clean and dress the interior start to wear off the odour returns.

Odour removal requires more than a valet

Lets forget trying to make the car look clean, instead we need to locate the source of the odour and deal with that.

The below picture was taken whilst i was working on a vehicle which had a terrible smoke odour, you can clearly see from the pictures the headlining of the car was thick with nicotine.

Car cleaning headlining half cleaned Removing nicotine


This was the source of the odour which had been bothering the customer, he had absolutely no idea the fabric was grey!

Car Cleaning headlining half cleaned Removing nicotine

We used specialist cleaning equipment and chemicals to release the nicotine from the fabric, the moment the fabric was clean the odour was hardly noticeable!

Car valeting headlining half cleaned Removing nicotine

With the headlining cleaned we then proceeded to deep clean all the fabrics and hard surfaces using a product which kills bacteria and viruses, the same product was used in a fogging machine which sprays a very fine mist throughout the interior penetrating even the air conditioning!

Does your car have an odour problem

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