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3 easy steps to clean safety flooring

3 Easy Steps To Clean Safety Flooring


Safety flooring is unlike most vinyl or luxury vinyl found in the home, it is usually found in areas where liquid spillages are likely and slippage is a danger , such as bar areas in pubs, doctors surgeries, health centres and wet rooms.


Safety flooring feels almost like stone, it is textured  and when wet it is still very stable.


Therefore safety floor cleaning requires more than a mop and bucket to achieve the desired results.

Tile Master floor cleaning

Safety floor cleaning with Tile master

Cleaning safety flooring is far from easy unless you have the right equipment and follow the correct cleaning methods, in this post i will explain exactly how we clean safety flooring in 3 easy steps.


Step 1


Remove all movable items from the floor to allow access, if required remove as much furniture from the flooring into a nearby area.


Vacuum all loose debris.


Step 2


As explained, safety flooring is textured and feels rough a little bit like sand paper, a standard micro fibre mop will struggle to lift the deep and therefore a specific floor cleaning chemical must be applied to the floor to help lift the dirt. Once the chemical has had enough time to “work” we then use a floor cleaning machine which scrubs the safety flooring agitating the chemical and loosening the dirt.


Step 3


The soil is now suspended in the chemical and must be removed and rinsed from the flooring, we use a high powered extraction machine which removes all the dirt and chemical and also rinses all the residues from the surface.


With the dirt safely removed and the chemical residue thoroughly rinsed, it is very important to allow the flooring to dry without walking over it, this will only attract fresh dirt to stick to it from shoes.




Customers often ask me why their floors end up looking terrible within a matter of months after a deep clean, “rapid re-soil” is usually a result of poor maintenance cleaning and therefor it is very important to select the correct maintenance equipment and materials to ensure the flooring is cleaned correctly.


We recommend a good quality flat mop which has a removable micro fibre pad, some micro fibre pads have agitation strips which helps to scrub the chemical into the flooring.


Always select a PH neutral  floor cleaner, this will allow “spray and buff” cleaning without the need to use an extraction machine.


Spray the floor cleaning chemical directly onto the floor and wipe over using the micro fibre mop, work in areas no larger than 3 square meters at a time.


Regular cleaning is the key here to stop dirt build up, so daily floor cleaning is recommended.

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