Nationwide specialist car cleaning

ProSteamUK – offering specialist car cleaning in and around the Guildford area

We are proud to announce that ProSteamUK are now members of the growing, national car cleaning network AutoCleanseUK.

This is most definitely not your run of the mill car cleaning service which is readily available at most car wash centres, instead we offer the following:

  • Car milk spillage removal
  • Car milk odour removal
  • Car cigarette odour removal
  • Car upholstery cleaning
  • Car vomit removal
  • Car urine removal

So how does AutoCleanseUK work?

You have recently purchased a quality, second hand car however the previous owner carries dogs and was a smoker.

So that person has a few options available to them:

  1. Try and clean the car themselves
  2. Visit a local car wash / valeting centre
  3. Search for a specialist

The customer has already tried to clean the interior of the car with no noticeable improvement, so they turn to the internet and discover

By simply tapping in their postcode, the customer can easily locate their nearest network operator who has the correct training and equipment to solve the odour problem.

The AutoCleanseUK network operator has now been booked to arrive at the customers home to work on the car.

Specialist cleaning agents and equipment are then used to  remove the offending odour, leaving the interior hygienically clean – free of bacteria, nicotine and the smell of dogs.

Sick of that odour in your car?