Office Carpet Cleaning

Office Carpet Cleaning With Amazing Results!

Office carpet cleaning with rapid drying !

We have a carpet cleaning system specifically designed to clean commercial carpets found in offices, schools, shops and hotels.

A few years back we cleaned the exhibition halls for a major aircraft manufacturer at the Farnborough Airshow. Once all the builders, electricians and decorators had finished  we had a window of only 2 days to transform the dirty, stained carpets back to a “like new” condition.

Farnborough Airshow carpet cleaning

Farnborough Airshow carpet cleaning

Office carpet cleaning at the Farnborough airshow

Here is a video demonstration of how we clean commercial office carpets

Whats the difference between domestic and commercial carpet cleaning?

When we are cleaning carpets in the home we take a very different approach compared to commercial carpet cleaning. Domestic carpets are usually completely different to those found in the work place and therefor we have to take a different approach to the cleaning method.









Domestic carpet cleaning will involve using high pressure cleaning solution to flush out the dirt from the carpet leaving the carpet slightly damp, this method is fine when cleaning average sized rooms but what if we had several hundred of square meters of carpet?

It would take a very long time to clean and use lots of water, also drying times could be as long as 2 to 3 hours.

Not the most cost effective cleaning method when faced with larger areas of carpet.

The objective of cleaning commercial carpets is to improve their appearance using the minimal amount of water to achieve very rapid drying times with the least amount of disruption as possible for the client.

Can you see the difference?

The below picture features a carpet in one of the exhibition offices at the Farnborough Airshow, this is exactly how the builders left the carpets.










After we cleaned the carpet using low moisture, encapsulation











Notice how the colours “pop” out?

This particular office carpet is whats known as a “commercial glue down” it can be found in nearly all commercial buildings and is 100% synthetic and has a very short pile.

Hot water extraction could be used to clean this carpet however the visual improvement would be minimal and drying times increased significantly.


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