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    ALL prices are VAT-free!

  • Affordable Carpet Cleaning

    ProSteamUK are your local Carpet Cleaning specialist in and around the Guildford, Farnham and Camberley area. We can deep clean, remove stains and odours, disinfect and sanitise your carpets!

    We offer a wide range of carpet cleaning solutions to suit every situation. Find the cleaning method most suitable to your carpet:

Eco-Safe Carpet Cleaning – Hot Water Extraction (Steam Cleaning)

  • eco-friendly carpet cleaning

  • To book us to clean your carpets, get a free estimate or to request a callback, simply complete the contact form below or

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    “My kids now have a clean and safe carpet to play on!! Really happy.”

    Author's imageMiss A SmithSandhurst
  • What makes ProSteamUK different to your average carpet cleaner?

    We use an exclusive eco-safe cleaning agent containing NO detergents, soaps, enzymes or perfumes!

    Its microlysis technology achieves incredible cleaning results with outstanding disinfection against bacteria, fungi, mildew and viruses including MRSA, e-Coli and salmonella!

    Our eco-safe product and cleaning methods ensure that your carpets will not prematurely/quickly re-soil, keeping your carpet cleaner for longer!

  • Sanitising and deodorising is included!

  • “I searched for a carpet cleaner near me and found ProSteamUK – Excellent service and would thoroughly recommend!”

    Author's imageMrs P DavidFarnham
  • National Carpet Cleaners Assosiation

    ProSteamUK is a member of the National Carpet Cleaners Association.

  • “Got my lounge carpet cleaned, all stains removed and completely sanitised at the same time!

    It looks like new and smells fresh. Really pleased – Absolutely recommended!”

    Author's imageMrs E LeeFarnborough
  • ProSteam eco-safe carpet cleaning method produces amazing results!
  • Restaurant carpet cleaning – clean, fresh and sanitised in no time!
  • Satisfied Customers

    Read our happy customer reviews…

  • 2 bedrooms and hall, stairs and landing carpets cleaned.
    “Second time used. Excellent results again. Will use again.”

    Author's imageCustomerYateley
  • Cleaning of carpets in my house.
    “The carpets have been deep cleaned to a really high standard. They look absolutely brilliant… Definitely, definitely recommend them!”

    Author's imageCleaning of carpets in my houseFleet Customer
  • Hall, stairs, landing and 4 bedrooms.
    “My husband and I decided to book ProSteam UK, carpets have never looked better and were almost dry once he had finished.”

    Author's imageHall, stairs, landing and 4 bedroomsFarnborough Customer

Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning

  • Quick & cost effective deep cleaning with rapid drying times!

    Commercial carpets can require a slightly different cleaning approach compared to domestic carpet cleaning. For example, the carpets in a busy office simply cannot be cleaned the same way we clean domestic carpets. The job would take way too long to complete, with extended drying times causing disruption to staff… a major inconvenience!

    We have developed a system which can clean large areas of commercial carpet and carpet tiles; this method is called encapsulation. Low moisture encapsulation carpet cleaning offers results similar to our multi-stage, hot water extraction service (steam cleaning), but at a fraction of the time and cost!

    Carpets are usually dry in and around 1 hour after cleaning – no downtime!

  • Low moisture carpet cleaning in surrey

Low moisture encapsulation is an ideal method of carpet cleaning for:

    • Offices
    • Shops and Retail premises
    • Showrooms & Exhibition spaces
    • Communal corridors in flats
    • Pubs and Clubs (maintenance cleaning)
    • Hotels and B&Bs
    • Golf Clubs
    • Schools & Colleges
    • Health Centres
    • Government buildings
    • Restaurants (maintenance cleaning)
  • To book us to clean your carpets, get a free estimate or to request a callback, simply complete the contact form below or

    01252 319391
    or 07765 606040

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Dry Cleaning Carpets

Carpets clean and dry in around 30 mins!

  • Our Dry Cleaning Method – NO residues, NO damp carpets and NO hassle!

    Our dry cleaning system cleans and deodorises to give an outstanding clean for commercial carpets and areas with time restrictive cleaning requirements.

    This carpet cleaning method is low noise and high-speed offering amazing cleaning results; NO residues, damp carpets and no hassle for you, or your business colleagues and staff.

    • Super-efficient and cost effective
    • Cleans, dries and deodorises
    • Fast, quiet and non-disruptive
    • Virtually zero down time, our service can be carried out day or night
    • Regular use will SAVE you money!

    The dry cleaning method uses ‘dry granules’ which are actually damp to touch as they contain special detergent-free cleaning additives and natural solvents. The granules are spread over the carpet and a machine is used to massage the granules deep into the carpet, the soils are quickly absorbed and, once dry, the granules are vacuumed up.

  • This method of carpet cleaning is perfect for interim cleaning of commercial low-profile carpet and not suitable for heavy soil removal. We recommend only using this system if the carpet is light to moderately soiled.

    Dry cleaning carpets using the ‘Very low moisture’ technique.

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Carpet Cleaning FAQs

  • How long will it take for my carpets to dry?

    Wool carpets typically take 2 hours to dry and synthetic fibres around 1 hour. Drying times are dependant on how dirty carpets are and if a lot of flushing is required.

    Last time I used someone I found on Facebook and my carpets were dirty again within weeks, will the same thing happen if we book you?

    This is called rapid re-soiling caused by detergent residues not being flushed from the carpet. We use a detergent-free cleaning product and hot, fresh water to flush out the dirt, much like rinsing shampoo from your hair. As a result your carpets will look and stay cleaner for longer!

  • Is it safe for my kids to play on the carpet after you have cleaned them?

    Our eco-safe carpet and upholstery cleaning agent will not harm people or pets making the carpets perfectly safe once cleaned.

    We need our flat cleaned as we are at the end of our tenancy, just looking for the cheapest price possible?

    We are a specialist cleaning service and, unfortunately, unable to provide a budget service for End of Tenancy cleaning.

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